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Storing metadata values in the comment field

Significant amount of the photo-related programs ignores non-standard metadata tags and unknown XMP schemas. In order to keep these values visible in the regular programs, the values of the metadata tags could be appended to the comment field, which is supported by the most programs.

There are two metadata comment fields:

  • EXIF user comment field, which is supported by most of the programs
  • Microsoft Windows user comment field

It is possible to store metadata values in both of these fields. In case of the Windows comment field, the values could be also previewed in Windows XP explorer.

User-defined XMP schema

In addition to AnalogExif XMP schema, it is possible to define your own tags with user-defined XMP schema. In order to do so, you have to set XMP schema namespace (which formally is URL to the schema RDF definition). Since most of the XMP readers are ignoring schema verification (for example, Flickr), you can omit RDF definition and set namespace to "/". Schema prefix should be used to define XMP tags for the metedata properties. See How to define custom tags for more details.

Create backups

With this option checked, AnalogExif will create backup for every modified image file. If backup file already exists, it is possible to choose to overwrite backup file, skip the backup or cancel the operation.