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Editing metadata properties
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AnalogExif is an image metadata editor for scanned film images. Main features are:

  • Supports most EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata tags for JPEG and TIFF files
  • Single metadata value for several similar tags
  • Equipment library to store metadata properties of the film cameras and other analog equipment
  • Custom XMP schema for film camera properties (e.g. film name, exposure number etc.)
  • User-defined XMP schema for extra flexibility
  • Storage of metadata values in the image comments (for quick viewing in explorer and most of the simple picture viewers)
  • Batch operations on single and multiple files (copy metadata from another file, auto-fill exposure number)
  • Customizable and flexible set of the supported metadata tags
  • Internationalization (Unicode and EXIF-compatible 7-bit ASCII alternative value for the tag)
  • Support of Google Maps links for location values
  • Multiplatform (Win32 and Mac)
  • Free and open-source