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AnalogExif allows adding new supported metadata properties to the default list. AnalogExif supports most of the EXIF, IPTC and common XMP metadata tags. In order to store film related information, AnalogExif introduces its own XMP schema (see AnalogExif XMP schema for details). Also, it is possible to register and use custom user-defined XMP schema and add user tags to the image.

AnalogExif is based on Exiv2 library and follows Exiv2 rule to reference metadata tag. See Exiv2 tag reference for the complete set of supported tags. Currently, XMP structures are not supported and LangAlt tags are not fully supported (only default language is used). Use of IPTC is discouraged in favor of duplicating XMP tags.

Supported metadata list

All supported metadata properties are listed in Options->Metadata tags tab. Metadata categories are listed in the left part (1) of the table. The list of the metadata properties is shown on the right part (2).

Each metadata property consists of:

  • Metadata tag or tags list that contain the property value. Significant part of the EXIF, IPTC and XMP tags are duplicating each other. For this reason you can specify several tags that would contain the same value.

    Modified property value is written to each of the listed metadata tags. When property value is being read, AnalogExif tries to read the tags in the specified order until value is found. The tag names are referenced in Exiv2 format. See Exiv2 tag reference for more details.

  • Metadata property description

  • Metadata type (see Metadata types for the description of the supported types)

  • Display format. It is possible to customize how tag value is displayed in the metadata editor. A combination of %1 is replaced with the tag value.

    For example, aperture value could be shown as f/2.8. Display format for this field is f/%1.

Some of the metadata properties are built-in and only description and display format are available for modification.

New metadata property

In order to add new metadata property, select the metadata category and choose Add from context menu or button. You would be prompted for the new metadata tag list and metadata options:

Metadata tags field contain comma-separated list of the metadata tags in Exiv2 format. The metadata property value would be searched in tags in the same order as specified in this field.

The following options are available:

  • Save value in comments. The value of this metadata property will be also saved in the comments tag of the image (see Storing metadata values in the comment field).
  • Choice of values. The user will offered a list of values to select. After you select this option, double-click/edit the dispay format field to edit the list of the associations between metadata value and text description.
  • Multiple values. The metadata property may have several values. The user will be prompted to enter multiple values.
  • 7-bit Ascii-only value. This option is available only to string and text metadata properties. When selected, the user can not enter non-Latin characters in the value.
  • Ascii-only alternative value. This options is available only to string and text metadata properties. When selected, a list of alternative metadata tags that support ASCII-only values should be specified. If user enters non-Latin characters in the value of this metadata property, a dialog will be shown to specify alternative ASCII-only value of the property. If entered, the UNICODE value will be stored in the metadata tags and ASCII-only value will be stored in the corresponding alternative tags.